Paperback Book Printing and Publishing

Using today’s advanced digital book printing technology, you can easily print your own books using the software already on your computer. Microsoft Word and many other commonly used word processors are all you need to create and format your book.

What size should it be?

There are three industry standard sizes: 8.5 x 5.5, 6 x 9, and 8.5 x 11. You will find these sizes less expensive than custom sizes. Please remember that your final book will be slightly smaller after the final edge trimming process.

How many do I need to buy?

Thanks to digital printing, you only need to buy the number of books you need. We can print as few as one, but a reasonable number to reduce the cost per book is 25 or more.

How much does it cost?

100 copies of an 8.5 x 5.5 book will cost about 2 1/2 cents a numbered page plus $3.00 for a full color UV-coated cover and perfect binding. Using this estimate,, a 200 page book would cost about $9.00 each. Click this link for an exact quote on your book:

Do I need an ISBN number?

If you think you want to sell your book on Amazon or at a bookstore, you do need an ISBN number. We suggest that you buy the number yourself so that you will also own the publishing rights to your book. The cost is $125.00 for one number and $250.00 for ten. If you also want to publish your book in an electronic form, you will need a second number to do that. Click on this link for ISBN services:

How do I set up a word processing program to create my book?

In Microsoft Word, go to “page setup,” “margins,” and select “custom margins.” The top, bottom, and right margins should be ½ inch while the left margin should be .8 inches. The gutter should be set at 0. Select the size of your book under the “paper” tab from one of the three choices above. All of these selections should apply to the entire document. You can then use the advanced options to number pages, set style sheets for chapter starts, and even create an index.

What about the cover?

You can design the cover yourself or one of our graphic designers can to that for you. Please remember that the back, spine, and front cover all need to layout on one large page. When you know the number of pages in your book, we will be happy to tell you exactly how wide the spine should be. You can also send the front and back covers and allow our designer to finish the job for a small minimum charge. The artwork on your covers should extend ¼ inch over the book size for proper trimming.

How sturdy are the covers?

We normally print on a 12 pt coated one-side high gloss cover stock and then Ultra Violet (plastic) coat the outside for durability. Your covers will look like new for the life of the book.

How are the books bound?

Most are bound like a paperback book which is a process called “perfect binding.” The covers and books are placed in a large machine that nibbles (roughs) up the binding edge, applies a flexible hot glue, creases the covers, and then wraps the cover around the book. Perfect bound books need to be trimmed as a final step for a clean edge. You also have the option of drilling holes for a 3-ring binder, using a continuous plastic coil, or a wire bind process.

How do I get my files to you?

When your book looks exactly the way you want it, you will need to print a pdf file. If you don’t own Adobe Acrobat, there are several free pdf converters available on the web. These pdf programs install as printer on your computer and you simply select that program instead of your default printer. You may also use the free pdf file converter on the Adobe website and in Acrobat Reader 10. When you have the pdf file, please inspect it prior to sending. Click on our web site at and select the “Send File” option.

Do you offer book layout and design services?

Yes, we do. We are happy to take your basic words and turn them into a great looking book. Give us a call for pricing.

What about Printer Trade Customs?

Perfect binding requires several extra books to set-up the machine as well as several extra books in the event of equipment malfunction. The standard printer trade custom is to deliver up to 10% more or less than you ordered, unless you agree in advance to a 5% up charge for delivering an exact count.

Do I get a proof?

Yes, you get one free exact unbound proof of the entire book including the cover.

Can you also print color pages?

Yes, either a few pages or the entire book. They do cost more and we are happy to provide a free quote.