Our advanced printing technology and exciting new materials are changing the ID card business. You can now print your ID Card and the carrier sheet at the same time on one sheet. ID Cards no longer need to be manually matched to a letter. You will never mail the wrong card to the wrong customer again. Printing everything at one time on one sheet is far more productive and much more cost efficient.

Two New ID Card Formats

1. Peel Off

This is a plastic card that is pre-attached to a carrier sheet and easily peeled off by your customer. It may be printed on one or two sides in full color or black.

2. Punch Out

This option is a substantial card stock material that is pre-perforated and Mylar coated on both sides. The perforations go the edge of the sheet, making it easy for your customer to fold and punch the card out of the carrier.


Both of these cards are virtually indestructible and thin enough to earn a permanent place in your customer’s wallet. You have probably noticed that your auto, health, and other membership cards are all getting thinner as companies have found this encourages more customers to carry them.


Both of these solutions are a true print-on-demand approach to ID Card production. There is no pre-printing and your cards may be imaged with variable data on both sides. You may change your card design at any time.

Several Formats Are Available

Carriers with cards are available in 1-up, 2-up, and 4-up formats on a letter size sheet.

Smart Software

Our state-of-the-art software systems will both create your cards as well as manage them.

Advanced Printing Systems

You can now print in high resolution full color or black ink on one or both sides. Our high speed digital printers will produce up to 7,000 cards per hour.

A Complete Solution

We will also complete the job by folding, inserting, and mailing. All you need to do is send us the database of names and addresses, using our secure file transfer system.

Would You Like More Information?

Send an Email or give us a call with your ID Card needs. We are happy to send samples and give you a quick fast quote. (303) 449-2760 or info@coltprint.com