• Need business cards in a hurry?
• Hire a new employee recently?
• Require ten or more sets of business cards per year?

Here is the perfect corporate solution for business cards:


We will build a custom interactive Internet portal for your company. You or your employees can login and order business cards with the click of a mouse. Your customized site can be configured with drop-down boxes as well as pre-filled data that can be revised. Most cards can be ordered in less than a minute. When employees order their own cards, an Email is automatically sent to them or another designee.

Automatic Computerized Typesetting

Your cards are automatically typeset when you enter the variable information. Simply select “Preview” to view a ready-to-print card. You may modify your card or place an order. Expensive and time-consuming proofs are no longer required. Automatic typesetting will save you $25.00 for each card you order.

No Minimum Orders, Fast Delivery

In the past, business cards were printed with eight to twelve names on a larger sheet. In order to receive a “good price,” you needed to save your orders until you had four or more names. Our system allows you to order cards when you need them--one name at a time, if necessary. Our typical local delivery time is only three business days for Internet Portal business cards. We are happy to ship directly to your locations.


• Black Ink or Full Color: Our state-of-the-art digital presses can print in black or vibrant full color on a wide variety of card stocks.
• UV Coating: We can UV plastic coat one or both sides of your card. Many companies place photos on the backside and then UV coat the card for added brilliance and durability.
• Rounded Corners: Your business will stand out from your competitors with one or more precision rounded corners.

Low Cost Program

The cost to build a basic custom portal is only $140.00. The savings on typesetting alone will offset this cost after just a few orders. Additionally, our digital press system and automatic cutting equipment will greatly reduce your cost on every card.

Check it out!

Click HERE to see a sample portal in action. Enter the number of cards you want in the box to the right and fill out some basic information. Click “Preview” to see an exact proof. Double click on the image to enlarge it. You may “Modify” your entries or simply select “Place Order” to complete your request.